A poem I wrote for one of my classes…

Super Smash-ster

Once the game begins

Your fate is already sealed.

It doesn’t matter which character

You choose; I know them all.

No strategy is unfamiliar,

There are no tactics that will save you.

The match commences,

I take the lead.

Start with teasing you,

Fluttering to avoid your noble attempts.

Once in a while, I sneak in an attack;

This is to spark your aggravation.

You accidentally string together a combo,

A grin stretches across your face.

A couple thumps later and you’re on top,

You love the feeling of power.

Now you’re in the lead,

Despite your lack of experience.

You knock me off the stage,

A cry of triumph escapes your pursed lips.

It is all an orchestrated illusion;

I have never been in danger of losing.

I leap back towards the stage,

And knock you onto your back.

I am done toying with you;

Now it is time for your demise.

Dish deep wallops that stun you,

Your grin fades away.

Now I start to pound you mercilessly,

Whipping your contorted body across the stage.

I go for the K.O.

My strike is furiously relentless.

Your lips quiver and your legs tremble;

You did not expect such intensity.

You mouth gapes and makes a muffled moan.

With widened eyes, you concede defeat.

But the game is not over, my dear,

You still have a couple of lives left!

You frown in displeasure,

But you do not put down the controller.

I lather, rinse, and repeat with fresh maneuvers,

Until you are incapable of playing.

You look frustrated

From being foraged so ferociously.

I smile at your flushed face,

For I foresaw your finished future.

You are sensitive and your exhausted body shakes,

Yet you willingly marvel at my super smash skills.

It’s that time of the week again…for SUPER SMASH BROS. SATURDAY!

This week we’ve got a classic from the N64 Super Smash Bros., and it’s one of my personal favorite tunes: Dream Land!

Set to the Kirby stage, this song has been iconic in the pink puffball’s series for a good while. It’s one of the most exciting and jazzy tunes to be used in the original Smash game, and thankfully Past Stages made the song thrive once more in Melee. It’s a real shame that it didn’t make a return in Brawl, as Dream Land was a great stage and about 5x better than that stupid Green Greens stage.

I can’t stop myself from humming this one, and I hope you can’t either. Enjoy!



Banjo Kazooie…IN 3D!!!!!!!!


Banjo Kazooie…IN 3D!!!!!!!!

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Should I post my Super Smash Bros. movesets?

When I was young (not really that young, but younger than my current age), I used to make Super Smash Bros. movesets for characters not owned by Nintendo. When I say “move-sets”, I don’t mean just their potential special moves, I mean every.single.possible.move. Their A tilts, smash attacks, jump attacks, throws, and sometimes even their recovery moves (like when a character attacks from the ground, or is climbing up an edge). I would write and describe their attacks in fine detail, and I would use my imagination to play those moves out.

I created movesets for popular video game characters such as Travis Touchdown, 3 for Jak and Daxter (his light and dark side had separate moves), 3 for Banjo-Kazooie (1 as them together, and then them separated), Leon S. Kennedy, Mr. Mime, Togepi, and others.

I also dipped into the anime realm, and made movesets for characters from Naruto, Samurai Champloo, Samurai Seven and Fooly Cooly. And, on occasion, I would create characters from scratch and give them some sweet moves.

I’m debating whether or not I should post some of the movesets on my blog. I’d like the interwebz to see how super cool and creative and smart and g-status I am, but I fear that my ideas will be either stolen or borrowed from.

Either that, or Nintendo will grab ‘em and use them and I’ll get NOTHING. >:l


Console Logos


fucking casual faggots fuck you banjo was planking before it was cold fucking noobs


fucking casual faggots fuck you banjo was planking before it was cold fucking noobs